Marnie Simpson shows off plump new pout after ‘starting again’ with filler

Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson has revealed her new fuller lips in a short clip shared on Instagram on Saturday.

The 30 year old is seen in the video lying down with a shapelier pout after having lip augmentation treatment.

Marnie captioned: “Thank you to @aestheticabyrebecca for doing my lips, over the moon with them.

“I hadn’t touched my lips in a really long time literally years due to migration and the fear of starting again, but decided I wanted a change and the time was right I’m so happy I did I’m so happy with the result.”

The reality star informed her 5.3 million followers on Instagram Stories that her friend and aesthetician Rebecca “did an amazing job”, and added that she’s “pleased I decided to do the whole journey with my lips.”

Marnie is no stranger to cosmetic procedures, having previously had a nose job and boob jobs.

The star also gave an update on baby son Oax, who has the skull condition Plagiocephaly, following his recent diagnosis of tongue and lip tie.

Marnie said: “He’s actually got really bad tongue and lip tie, and I don’t know how it was missed by myself, or by any of the doctors when he was born.”

The MTV alum welcomed son Oax in May this year, joining older brother Rox, both shared with partner Casey Johnson.

Marnie continued: “They said that it was partly probably because I didn’t breast feed. And because his tongue tie is quite an unusual one. It’s, like, quite far back in his mouth, but it actually means that it’s a lot more restrictive.”

According to the NHS, tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) is a condition that is usually discovered in new-borns and is is where the strip of skin connecting the baby's tongue to the bottom of their mouth is shorter than usual.

A lip tie is a condition where skin from the upper lip is attached to the gums, causing limited lip movement and difficulty with breastfeeding.

Speaking further on her son’s condition, Marnie said: “And now when I look at Oax I can completely tell. Just, like, the noises he makes with his mouth, the way he drinks his bottle. The tongue just doesn’t look right when he smiles.”

The concerned mum-of-two shared that Oax would be getting his tongue and lip tie treated on Monday and will have “to do exercises to make sure he doesn’t heal back to that way again.”

Marnie added: “I just hope this helps him, because he’s quite an unsettled baby.”


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