Meghan King Edmonds Jokes About Being Pregnant Amid Husband’s Cheating Scandal

Meghan King Edmonds took to her Instagram story on June 21 to flaunt a fake baby bump while filming a video of herself in a mirror and she revealed it was all her two-year-old daughter Aspen’s idea.

Meghan King Edmonds, 34, may have been making recent headlines for her rocky marriage with husband Jim Edmonds, 48, but she proved she still has a sense of humor when she pulled a pregnancy prank to her Instagram followers on June 21! The blonde beauty posted a video of herself that she filmed while standing in a mirror, and in it, she turns around to reveal what looks like a baby bump. “I have some news to share,” she said in the video while showcasing the round bump. “I’m pregnant … with this!” she then exclaims while pulling out a stuffed animal from under her shirt. The Real Housewives of Orange County star then admitted the joke was her two-year-old daughter, Aspen‘s idea. “Aspen’s idea. Swear to God. (Btw, my RIGHT hand is holding my phone. It’s a mirror image,” she captioned the video.

Meghan’s comment about her right hand is most likely referring to the speculation that she took off her wedding ring in the midst of her husband’s cheating scandal. On June 18, she made headlines when she took to her Instagram story to share a mirror selfie that seemed to show her bare left hand, but from the caption of her latest post, it could have very well been her right hand as the other one was out of sight.

Meghan’s baseball player husband first made waves when he was rumored to have an affair with a mistress during Meghan’s pregnancy with their now one-year-old twin sons Hart and Hayes in 2018. Although Jim denied the claims, he did admit to engaging in “inappropriate conversation” with the woman, who has now been identified as Jennifer McFelia Villegas, in question. Meghan spoke out shortly after Jim’s shocking admission in a public blog post about the tough situation.  “I don’t trust him anymore. Physical or not, he still had an affair and he admits this to me” she wrote.

It’s good to see Meghan still having a sense of humor after what she has been going through. We continue to wish the best for her and her family during this difficult time.

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