Melissa Rycroft: ‘Bachelor’ Star Falls Ill With ‘Fever & Stomach Pain’ After Trip To Dominican Republic

‘The Bachelor’ alum Melissa Rycroft has gotten sick after taking a trip with her family to the Dominican Republic. The news comes after at least seven American tourists have died this year while vacationing on the Caribbean island.

After a family vacation in the Dominican Republic, reality TV star Melissa Rycroft has suffered some health complications. On June 14, the Bachelor season 13 alum took to her Instagram account where she revealed she wasn’t feeling her best. “Not feeling well today, so puppy cuddles help since my kiddos don’t seem to care….” she captioned a photo of her wearing a tank top and sweatpants while snuggling with her dog on a couch.

The following day, she gave another update to her social media followers, this time from the inside of a doctor’s office. “After a really rough week, I have been put on a liquid diet, and given meds for my severe cramping. Fingers crossed this goes away in 3 days – doc says next step is a Parasite test if it doesn’t….” she wrote alongside an image of her sitting in a medical facility.

Melissa’s symptoms appear similar to those exhibited by dozens of other American tourists who have either gotten sick or suddenly died while vacationing in the Dominican Republic over the past year. Since the start of the year, at least seven American visitors died while visiting the Caribbean island.

The former Dancing With The Stars and Bachelor Pad star has been battling a mysterious bug and has been “really sick,” after spending time at the Nickelodeon Resort in Punta Cana with her family, sources told Page Six.

But while her friends have been worrying about her, the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader hasn’t seemed über concerned about the health issues. Melissa’s rep told the outlet that she “has had major stomach issues since returning from the Dominican Republic.”

“She got an upset stomach on the second day of vacation, but it passed. Once they came home, she got severe cramping,” the rep said. “It has lasted for over a week, and she’s currently getting tested for possible parasites and any other infections. She’s assuming it’s something foodborne, but no one else in her family is ill.” HollywoodLife reached out to Melissa’s rep, who had nothing else to add.

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