Michelle Pfeiffer Confirms She’ll Return for ‘Ant-Man 3′

Michelle Pfeiffer confirmed some Marvel news that we previously did not know: she will be returning for Ant-Man 3!

The 62-year-old legendary star will reprise her role as Janet van Dyne in the upcoming Marvel superhero movie alongside Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, and Michael Douglas.

“I’m supposed to do ‘Ant-Man’, the third one,” Michelle said while making an appearance on InStyle‘s Ladies First podcast.

When asked when the film will begin shooting, she replied, “I think that’s supposed to happen in spring of 2021.”

So far, not many details are known about the third Ant-Man movie, apart from a tentative 2022 release date.

Another actor was recently added to the third Ant-Man movie just a few months ago! Stay tuned as we learn more!

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