Nolan Gould From Modern Family Shows Off His Muscle Transformation

Nolan Gould was just 10 years old when he hit screens playing Luke, the adorable but not-so-bright youngest child of the Dunphy family in the Modern Family pilot back in 2009. Now 22, Gould posted a recent photo shoot on Instagram and he looks a world away from the curly haired little kid he used to be on the show.

The shoot was for a recent interview with PEOPLE, in which Gould spoke about how he spent his first six months after Modern Family ended. Gould had spent 11 years on the show, and deciding what to do with himself after growing up with the character wasn’t easy, and it led him to a strict fitness regimen.

“I spent six months basically on vacation,” Gould says. “But I feel like now it’s time to kind of make a decision on where I want to go with my career, and one of the ways you can do that is by changing my look and my mindset.

“I’ve been working out an hour and a half everyday with my friend Michael who is a personal trainer. We have a really cool socially-distant setup that has allowed me to get fit while also being safe. It’s been nice. Especially being unemployed in quarantine, having a reason to get up and stay motivated. It’s been something that’s been very healthy and positive for me in quarantine. It’s really changed my outlook.”

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Of course, ever since he posted the picture fans have been pretty stunned at his transformation, and how it seems like we’ve blinked and 12 years have vanished.

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