Oprah Winfrey Dragged After Old Interview With Dolly Parton Resurfaces

Fans question the former daytime talk show queen’s motives as she seemed to pressure the country music star with questions about her ageless beauty and her mental health issue.

AceShowbiz – Not even Oprah Winfrey is safe from the cancel culture. The media mogul has come under fire after Internet users scrutinized her old interview with Dolly Parton, questioning her motives for the questions she asked to the singer.

In one clip from the 2003 sit-down, Oprah asked Dolly how she’s able to look so good for her age. The “Jolene” songstress gave a playful answer, but the HARPO refused to give up, noting she’s been open about having cosmetic work done.

Dolly then admitted, “Yes, I have. And I’ll have some more when I need ’em.” The now-75-year-old star then quipped that her enviable assets are her “weapons of mass distraction.” She added, “I just do whatever I need to do, and I wear a lot of makeup and a lot of wigs…”

Oprah then switched the topic to talk about Dolly’s mental health. “When you hit your 40s I heard you went into a huge depression. Did you?” the TV host asked. Dolly replied, “That one comes cause of 40.” She explained, “I really had a lot of problems at the time, a lot of female problems, with hormones [sic],” suggesting it that menopause might factor in it.

Social media users later took issue with how Oprah continued pressing the topic. “i feel like oprah wanted her to be embarrassed but ms dolly said ‘nope,’ ” a person who posted the video wrote. Another echoed the sentiment, “I went searching for the rest. why did oprah drag dollys mental health into it.”

A third claimed he/she had long been disappointed with Oprah, “Growing up and finding out Oprah was a high key hater and messy miss kinda threw me.” Someone similarly remarked, “Bruh that you alone. I don’t like Oprah! Dig deep you’ll see she’s not who you think she is! That woman is bad news.” A fifth chimed in, “Turned off Oprah years ago. She’s an arrogant bigot.”

“Oops, @Oprah’s racism’s showing,” someone else claimed. Some others, meanwhile, praised Dolly’s response to the questions, saying things like, “Dolly’s brilliant the way she responded to those questions. Straightforward, lighthearted, & adorable. She makes Oprah looks bad for asking idiotic questions” and “And Dolly remained unbothered, Oprah was weird for that.”

Oprah has not responded to the backlash.

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