Ozzy Osbourne hasn’t had coronavirus vaccine yet but wants to get it

Ozzy Osbourne has revealed he hasn’t had the coronavirus vaccine yet, but will get the jab as soon as he can as there’s a ‘good chance’ he wouldn’t survive the virus. 

The 72-year-old Prince of Darkness revealed he is planning to get vaccinated as he is worried he would die if he caught Covid-19. 

He said on SiriusXM: ‘I want to get the shot. I look at it like this. If I don’t get the shot and I get the virus, there’s a good chance I ain’t going to be here.’

The Black Sabbath star had had various health battles over the past few years and has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. 

He added of his current health: ‘The surgery I had knocked the c**p out of me. But I broke my neck in a quad bike accident [in 2003] and when that healed it squeezed my spinal column, so I was getting all kinds of weird things happening to me. 

‘I’d be on stage and I’d suddenly get a sharp shock down one side of my body.’

His wife, Sharon Osbourne, 68, recently had to quarantine away from Ozzy after she contracted coronavirus. 

Sharon revealed she had a ‘brief’ stay in hospital before the pair were reunited for the New Year once she had received two negative tests. 

She told fans in December on Twitter: ‘I wanted to share I’ve tested positive for Covid 19. After a brief hospitalisation, I’m now recuperating at a location away from Ozzy (who has tested negative) while “The Talk” is on scheduled hiatus. Everyone please stay safe and healthy.’

Sharon had also had to isolate in September after two of their son Jack Osbourne’s daughters had contracted coronavirus, though thankfully none of the other family members appeared to catch it. 

She explained on The Talk: ‘Her daddy doesn’t have it, her mummy doesn’t have it, her sisters don’t have it. She caught it from somebody that works for my son. 

‘And it just goes to show you, she’s three years of age, that children can get Covid.’

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