Piers Morgan Twitter: ‘Things got feisty’ GMB host on new interview with Donald Trump

Piers Morgan, 54, announced he had secured a world exclusive interview with the US President whilst he is on a three-day trip to the UK.

The Good Morning Britain presenter revealed he spoke to Donald Trump in Winston Churchill’s War Rooms.

But Piers said it got a little “feisty” as they chatted about all different topics including Brexit, the Royal Family and climate change.

Piers tweeted to his 6.6 million Twitter followers: “*WORLD EXCLUSIVE*

“Just finished a 33-minute interview with President ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ in Churchill’s War Rooms – his only U.K. or US TV interview during his state visit.

Things got feisty… my most revealing & lively interview yet

Piers Morgan

“Airs on ⁦@GMB⁩ from 6am tomorrow. Royals, Churchill, Brexit, Iran, guns, climate change & more.”

In a follow up post, the journalist added: “Things got feisty…my most revealing & lively interview yet with President ⁦@realDonaldTrump. ⁩

“Tune into ⁦@GMB⁩ from 6am. #TrumpMorgan #ChurchillWarRooms.”

Piers went on to reveal a number of people who get mentioned in the interview as he urged them to watch it on Good Morning Britain tomorrow morning.

“People who should probably tune into ⁦@GMB⁩ tomorrow,” he wrote.

“The Queen. Duke & Duchess of Sussex. Prince Charles. President Rouhani of Iran. Jeremy Corbyn. Boris Johnson. Nigel Farage. The NRA. Transgender people in US military. Family of John McCain. Joe Biden.”

Good Morning Britain airs tomorrow on ITV from 6am.

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