Prince Albert posed with Charlene & their kids for two Easter portraits

Prince Albert wasn’t going to allow his second bout of Covid stop him from enjoying some tennis this weekend. Albert missed almost all of the Monte Carlo Masters tournament last week because he was isolating after testing positive for Covid yet again. But he did show up for the men’s singles final on Easter Sunday, presenting the trophy to (beautiful idiot) Stefanos Tsitsipas and no one wore a mask. Sure.

Later in the day on Easter Sunday, the Prince’s Palace published portraits of the royal family. These are the first photos of Charlene since last fall, when she finally returned to Monaco, only to be sent off to a Swiss treatment facility just days after her return from South Africa. At first, I thought the palace was playing a bit fast and loose with NOT showing Charlene’s face, but there is one photo where you can see her face somewhat clearly. She looks tired, but she seems to have put on some weight, which is important considering she was reportedly drastically underweight last year, following her health dramas. Charlene is still doing super-short hair too. Anyway, I think this whole thing is still pretty bizarre, but I’m glad the Prince’s Palace finally offered up some proof-of-life photos of Charlene.

Photos courtesy of Instagram, Avalon Red.

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