Rihanna & ASAP Rocky are together in Barbados, will she give birth there?

Late last week, the rumor mill was working overtime, as Twitter was abuzz with the gossip that ASAP Rocky had perhaps cheated on Rihanna with Amina Muaddi. Muaddi is a shoewear designer who has worked with Rihanna on her Fenty line. It took a good 24 hours after the start of the rumormongering for denials to come out. CB and I updated Friday’s story, but there are more updates and Rihanna and Rocky even stepped out together in Barbados!! TMZ had the exclusive photos – it looks like they arrived in Barbados a few days ago. Considering it’s widely believed that Rihanna is due pretty soon, I wonder if she’s preparing to give birth to the baby in Barbados, with her family around her? Rihanna’s Army thinks so.

— TMZ (@TMZ) April 16, 2022

— rapmais (@RapMais) April 17, 2022

Also, the “other woman” (except not really) Amina Muaddi issued a statement on her social media, denying the rumor that she cheated with Rocky. I believe her! So basically, everything is fine now and Rihanna’s baby will be born in Barbados with Rocky there to support her.

— Amina Muaddi (@AminaMuaddi) April 15, 2022

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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