Rihanna Treats SZA to Fenty Gift Card After Racial Profiling Incident

Weeks after she tweeted the incident wherein she was mistaken for a potential shoplifter at Sephora, the ‘All the Stars’ singer reveals that the ‘Umbrella’ hitmaker has sent her a kind compensation.

AceShowbizRihanna has sent fellow singer SZA a gift card for her Fenty Beauty collection after she was mistaken for a potential shoplifter while browsing a California makeup store.

The “All the Stars” hitmaker was trying to stock up on products from Rihanna’s popular cosmetics line at a Calabasas branch of Sephora on 30 April, when the 28-year-old allegedly found herself being racially profiled.

“Lmao (laughing my a** off) Sandy Sephora (sic) location 614 Calabasas called security to make sure I wasn’t stealing,” SZA posted on Twitter after the rude encounter.

SZA shared that she was accused of stealing at a Calabasas branch of Sephora.

She then quipped, “Can a b**ch cop (buy) her fenty in peace er whut (sic)”.

The singer revealed that she just wanted to buy Fenti cosmetics in peace.

Rihanna has since heard all about the incident, and decided to show SZA some love by treating her to a free shopping spree.

SZA shared a photo of the handwritten message she had received from the “Umbrella” singer on her Instagram Story timeline over the weekend, May 25-26.

It read, “Go buy your Fenty Beauty in peace, sis. One love”.

SZA posted a photo of the gift from Rihanna

Expressing her gratitude for the kind gesture, SZA captioned the post, “Tanks (sic) Queen,” adding a series of heart emojis.

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