Simon Rimmer: Sunday Brunch host’s ‘rare’ wife admission as he drops family bombshell

Simon Rimmer, 55, has been married to his wife Ali, 51, for over 20 years and the couple share two children together. The Strictly Come Dancing contestant recently gave an insight into his family life in an exclusive interview with, where the TV star revealed who takeover the kitchen when it comes to cooking the family dinner after he spilled his beau who was once a chef. He said: “We both do the cooking. My wife used to be chef and we both love it.” The small-screen star – who also is a restauranteur – admitted cooking at home is a world away from how meals are prepared in his establishments.

Simon spilled: “Cooking at home is very different to cooking in restaurants. Everything is perfect, everything’s got to be the same [at the restaurant]. Cooking at home is far more relaxed.

“At home you tend to cook far more on masse and everyone helps themselves.”

The father-of-two also revealed it is a rarity the family will sit with a plate of food as they tend to prefer to have several buffet-styled dishes prepared.

He added: “It’s very rare in our house that someone will get a plate of food in front of them. What you’ll get is loads of food on the table and everyone just piles into it.

“Its really a nice way to do it. If you came around to our house then I can guarantee there’ll be a big bowl of salad, there’ll be a big vowel of veggies, there’ll probably be some meat that would’ve marinated or slow cooked. Its a really sociable way of eating.”

Meanwhile, the TV chef who was appeared on the BBC series of Strictly Come Dancing in 2017, recently made a startling revelation about the challenges he faced on Strictly Come Dancing where he admitted things got “tricky”.

The Sunday Brunch host revealed he performed on the show with not only a “snapped Achilles” but in the midst of juggling his busy lifestyle.

The TV star divulged: “At the time, I was a 54-year-old bloke who’d never danced before with a dodgy knee and a snapped Achilles and arthritis in my left hip.”

Simon revealed it was not only his health which was a challenge but admitted his lack of dance experience made it all the more “tricky” on Strictly.

He said: “Oh my god every single bit was difficult. I was doing Strictly, I was doing Sunday Brunch and I had restaurants to run.

“I didn’t know the steps of anything. I had no muscle memory, I had no fallback position or anything at all. So it was all tricky.”

However, the Channel 4 presenter credited his dance partner Karen Clifton and admitted he just wanted her to be “proud of him”.

The Sunday Brunch host said: “The reality of the situation is all you care about is what your pro-dancer thinks.

“I just wanted Karen to be proud of me. That was all I cared about really.”

The dance partners have since formed a friendship since being on the show and he admitted they are still in touch with each other.

The TV chef spilled: “I’m still very much in touch with her [Karen].

Sunday Brunch continues today at 9.30am on Channel 4, while Strictly Come Dancing is expected to return to BBC One later this year.

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