Stacey Solomon reveals clever hidden meaning of baby daughter’s name Rose

Stacey Solomon has finally told her followers the meaning behind her daughter’s name, Rose Opal Solomon Esmè Swash.

The 32 year old explained in a photo posted on Instagram of her hand indoors holding a pink rose against a window pane with the sun beaming through.

“We loved Autumn but the initials didn’t work and then every evening after she was born, the sun goes down right outside her window, so I’d watch it set from in there and it always shined on her mobile and lit up the rose," Stacey said.

“That’s when we knew she was our Rose…," the mum-of-four added.

The presenter went on to describe why she carefully chose the rest of her daughter’s names in the same post.

“Opal – because I still can’t believe she was born on my birthday, so we had to have our birthstone in there.

“Esmè– because we wanted a name with “E” so her initials would spell out ROSES and Esme means loved, so we thought it couldn’t be more perfect.”

Earlier in the day, Stacey uploaded a video of herself sitting upright with baby Rose looking content as she addressed how she was feeling in response to a followers’ question.

“I feel really happy which is just so nice, but also sometimes makes me feel a little bit guilty because I haven’t always felt really happy after I’ve given birth,” she confessed in reference to previously having post-natal depression.

“So, I feel like I’ve got that feeling everyone talks about, where you’re in a bubble and nothing else matters.

“I’m just trying to soak it up and take it all in and try not to feel too bad about not feeling like it every time.”

Beaming at the camera, the mother’s youngest son Rex, two, can also be heard excitedly in the background.

Clearly happy enjoying her time with her new baby, Stacey was able to acknowledge her sympathy for those who haven’t felt happy after giving birth.

“If you’ve ever given birth and just felt an overwhelming sense of dread and sadness, firstly you’re totally normal and not alone,” she captioned her video.

“I hope this brings you some comfort that it doesn’t mean you won’t have a different experience if you have any more children.

“I was definitely nervous that I’d feel the same after birth this time so it’s been a lovely surprise.”

In the midst of praising her baby daughter, Stacey did admit that her routine has gone out the window, like it would for any mother with a newborn.

“I have the best intentions in the morning and then I blink and it’s like 5pm!” she said, not seeming to care as she continued to tend to daughter Rose.

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