Stormy Daniels Picks Trump Impressionist for Her Comedy Tour

Stormy Daniels knows better than most when a man hits the right spot, and comedian Stephen Kramer Glickman nailing President Trump onstage definitely tickled her fancy.

So, here’s the deal … Stormy hit up The Ice House comedy club in Pasadena last week to scout comedians who can headline shows she’s been asked to host and produce beginning next fall. Specifically, she wanted a Trump impressionist because, well … obviously.

Enter Glickman, who had no idea Stormy would be in the audience until moments before he grabbed the mic. And, suffice to say — he killed it ’cause Stormy was laughing her ass off at his POTUS impression.

Glickman set up the joke asking the crowd to imagine how Trump would have announced it if Osama bin Laden had been killed under his administration. His delivery got Stormy — hook, line and sinker.

As you can see in the video … Stormy, who headlined a one-night comedy event in Houston back in March, ate it up. Glickman dedicated his Trump bit to her and thanked Stormy for “taking one for America.” Easy, 45 … he didn’t mean inches. We think.

We’re told Stormy and Stephen met backstage later, and hit it off so well they went to Denny’s with some other comics. That’s where she proposed Stephen join her tour, and he agreed.

For the record, Glickman is an equal opportunity offender … ’cause his comedic arsenal includes impressions of Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Hail to the chiefs … and would-be chiefs.

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