Sulli’s Ex-Boyfriend Choiza Writes Heartfelt Message: ‘I Really Miss You’

In related news, fans and friends of the former f(x) member bid final farewell to the 25-year-old star as her coffin finally left for her burial early Thursday, October 17 in a private ceremony.

AceShowbiz -Korean star Sulli‘s sudden death left the world in deep grief. Among those who were affected by her passing was Dynamic Duo member Choiza, who dated the late singer and actress before breaking up in 2017.

The rapper took to his Instagram account on Wednesday, October 16 to share his feelings following the heartbreaking incident. “We spent the most beautiful moments of our lives together. I’m sending you off pitiably like this, but I’ll cherish our memories until the day my eyes close. I really miss you,” Choiza wrote in the caption.

Despite the heartfelt message, fans responded negatively to the post. That prompted HA:TFELT member Yeeun to chime in, jumping to Choiza’s defense. She replied to a fan’s comment in which s/he blamed him for doing nothing while Sulli was “suffering from hate comment.”

“Do you know how pathetic your comment is? Sulli was not an immature person; she was an adult who wanted to stay true to her feelings and thoughts. The problem is not in whether or not the love between the two of them were true, but in the people who stereotyped their relationship by spitting out hateful words out of jealousy and obsession,” Yeeun wrote back.

After pointing out that “society sees women as being men’s accesory”, Yeeun went on saying, “While freedom of speech is wonderful, there is a time and place for it. Write these types of comments in your diary or in a Kakao chat. Do not sprinkle salt on someone who is in pain beyond words. You do not deserve it.”

Sulli was rumored to be dating Choiza back in 2013, and that was when she was falling victim to severe cyber bullying. The two finally went public the following year but the hate comments didn’t stop, prompting Sulli to take a one-year break from show business due to mental distress from hate comments.

In related news, fans and friends of Sulli bid final farewell to the 25-year-old star as her coffin finally left for her burial early Thursday, October 17 in a private ceremony. It arrived following a four-day funeral and mourning ceremony at the Sinchon Severance Hospital in Seoul. According a source, Sulli’s family and fellow celebrities who attended the ceremony were grief-stricken.

It is also reported that lawmakers are proposing a bill referred to as the “Sulli Act”. The bill, which is supported by 100 organizations and around 200 celebrities who either have experience receiving malicious comments or were colleagues with the former f(x) member, are set to counter malicious comments on the internet. The bill is scheduled to be brought to the table on the 49th day of Sulli’s passing at the National Assembly’s Memorial Hall.

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