T.I. Urges Fans To Spend Government Checks On Buying Property

T.I. has advised his fans to buy some land using the money received from the government, instead of spending it on frivolous things.

“All ya’ll getting all this money from the government, all that PPP, SBA, all that,” T.I. said in a video, speaking from the studio.

“Listen man. Ain’t no more mink coats in the store, and it’s summertime, ain’t that some sh*t. Ain’t no more Cartiers, ain’t no more Louboutins. No more Louis. Go get you some property please.
Please ya’ll, go get some property,” he says in the clip posted on his Instagram page for his 13 million followers.

“It can be a patch of dirt. Go to your hood and find– it ain’t gotta have no house on it. Just buy it and hold it. That’s it, I told you. Can’t say you didn’t know,” T.I. continued.

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