The Best Black Friday Deals Under $100

Black Friday is here, which means now is the best time to score deep discounts on thousands of items from the world’s biggest stores and latest startups. We’ve rounded up the best deals you can find for under $100 — some fall below $10.

If you’re getting holiday shopping out of the way, or want to treat yourself, these are the top deals you should consider.

1. Fire TV Stick Lite ($17.99)


Amazon’s Fire TV Stick Lite lets you enjoy content from Netflix, Hulu, TIDAL, or any other major streaming service in full HD. It comes bundled with an Alexa Voice Remote, which allows you ask for the content you want, or adjust settings like your TV’s volume. This tech accessory will work with any HDTV regardless of its size or manufacturer. If you want similar functionality, but have a 4K set, Amazon’s Fire TV 4K is just $29.99 right now.

Buy:Fire TV Stick Lite$17.99Buy it

2. Ring All-New Doorbell ($69.99)


Ring’s video doorbell can record video clips in full HD (1080P) each time someone approaches your house. You can view these clips on your phone through Ring’s app (iOS and Android), or get a live feed from the camera at any time. The doorbell’s  battery lasts about six months per charge, and can be recharged in a few hours. If you want some extra peace of mind when you leave the house, don’t miss this deal.

Buy:All-new Ring Video Doorbell$69.99Buy it

3. PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer & Qi Charger ($79.99)


PhoneSoap’s Wireless UV Smart Sanitizer uses ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria living on your phone, and it’s $20 cheaper than normal right now. The sterilization process takes a few minutes, and kills 99.99% of germs with no harmful impact to your phone. The model we’re recommending has a built-in wireless charger, which will top up your phone’s battery while it’s being cleaned.

Buy:PhoneSoap Wireless UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Qi Charger$99.95Buy it

4. Tile Pro ($24.49)


The Tile Pro is a powerful Bluetooth tracker that’ll help you recover keys, a backpack, or another lost item, and it’s $10.50 less expensive than usual for Black Friday. Once it’s set up, you can track the Tile Pro’s location using an app (iOS and Android) on your phone. It’ll show you the last time you were near your lost item, and display the location on a map. If you’re close by, you can use the app to make the Tile Pro beep.

Buy:Tile Pro$32.99Buy it

5. AUKEY FHD Webcam ($29.74)


AUKEY’s FHD Webcam is a must-have tech accessory for anyone working or learning from home, and it’s over $30 off today. The webcam works with Macs or PCs,  streams full 1080P video, and has an autofocus mode that’ll keep you looking clear if you move around. The webcam’s microphones block outside noise, so you’ll sound great. Webcams have been difficult to find lately, so don’t skip this deal.

Buy:AUKEY FHD Webcam$29.74Buy it

6. Bose SoundLink Color ($79.99)


Bose’s SoundLink Color is a premium Bluetooth speaker that’s marked down by $50 right now. The speaker boasts eight hour battery life, crisp sound, and IPX4 water resistance to prevent damage from the rain. You can adjust how it sounds through Bose’s SimpleSync app, and pair two SoundLinks together for true stereo playback. If you need a wireless speaker for the backyard or beach, this is the best speaker deal under $100.

Buy:Bose SoundLink Color $79.00Buy it

7. Soundcore Liberty Air 2 ($69.99)


Soundcore’s Liberty Air 2 totally wireless earbuds are a worthy AirPods alternative that’re $30 off. The headphones get up to seven hours on a single charge, and 28 hours total thanks to its charging case. They feature an audio technology called HearID, which maps your ears’ sensitivity to certain frequencies, so they sound perfect to you, though you can make tweaks using the Soundcore app (iOS and Android). If you need earbuds for the gym, or to really appreciate music when listening around the house, pick up this pair.

Buy:Soundcore Liberty Air 2$69.99Buy it

8. Roku Streambar ($99.99)


Roku’s Streambar is a compact soundbar with a 4K media streamer built inside of it – it’s currently $30 off. Although it’s small, the Streambar produces an impressive amount of sound without losing much clarity. Connecting it to a TV will give quick access to streaming service and offer a solid upgrade over your set’s built-in speakers. You can stream music to Roku’s soundbar wirelessly over Bluetooth, so it can be your home audio system, too. Few multi-use gadgets are worth the hype, but you won’t want to miss this deal.

Buy:Roku Streambar$99.99Buy it

9. Eero Mesh WiFi Router ($79)


Eero’s Mesh WiFi Router can provide a stable, fast internet connection whether you’re trying to work, play online games, or stream movies, and it’s $20 off right now. The router can cover an area of up to 1,500 sq. ft. and works at speeds up to 550mbps. You can connect eero’s router to any cable modem, and manage its settings through the company’s iOS or Android app. If you’ve been settling for shoddy WiFi for years, don’t wait on this deal.

Buy:Eero Mesh WiFi Router$79.00Buy it

10. Insignia 32-Inch Smart TV ($99.99)


Insignia’s 32-Inch Smart TV is the perfect size for a bedroom, dorm room, or mid-sized living room, and you can save $20 on it today. The HDTV has a Fire TV Stick built inside, giving you quick access to streaming services right out of the box. It has three HDMI ports, so you can plug in a game console or Blu Ray player easily, and a coaxial port if you want to watch live TV using an antenna. Amazon bundles the TV with an Alexa Voice Remote, which makes it possible to find the content you want by asking the TV rather than pushing buttons.

Buy:Insignia 32-Inch Smart TVBuy it

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