'The Incredible Dr. Pol' Exec Producer Charles Pol Says 'There Is Not an Official Word Yet' on the Show's New 20th Season

The Nat Geo Wild reality show The Incredible Dr. Pol has been a hit on the network for 10 years and just wrapped up its 19th season. It was surprising, then, when Its executive producer Charles Pol admitted during a Facebook Live event weeks before the new season typically begins, that the show had not yet been given the green light for its 20th season.

Here’s what he had to say.

The show’s 19th season ended recently

On The Incredible Dr. Pol‘s 19th season finale, the veterinarian’s newest grandchild Silas made his small-screen debut.

Charles and Beth Pol announced the birth of their son in July and Dr. Pol’s fans got a chance to see the newest member of the Pol family on the reality show’s season-ending episode. The couple also has a daughter named Abigail, born in 2019.

“Every child is a blessing and we’re delighted to welcome a son, Silas, to our little family,” the couple told People. “We would like to thank everyone, most especially our parents, for their love and support. We’re excited to continue this adventure called parenthood, even though it means a few more sleepless nights and a lot more work!”

Charles Pol stated that no ‘official word’ has been given for the new season

In an early December Facebook Live event, Charles fielded questions from fans and announced some of the brand’s newest merchandising offers. At one point, a fan asked via chat, “When will the new season of The Incredible Dr. Pol air?”

The veterinarian’s son, who spearheaded the idea for the reality show a decade ago, informed fans that he had not yet received word from the network for the 20th season’s go-ahead.

“There is not an official word yet,” he said. “They haven’t given us an official word, but generally the new season will follow in the new year. So, generally in January, the first part of January.”

Charles, who also appears on the program, promised that “when we have more information of when that season will become official, we’ll let you know.”

Still, the younger Pol did not give the impression that the show is done by any means, adding “We’re not really sure of the exact date. I’ll have to wait until that is officially released and I’ll absolutely let you guys know when it is. But most likely in January.”

The new season’s episodes are being filmed ‘right now’

The Incredible Dr. Pol began in 2011 and has gained a following in the decade since its debut.

Dr. Pol writing in his 2015 memoir, Never Turn Your Back on an Angus Cow, confessed that he and his wife Diane “could never have anticipated that we would one day have our own successful television show, write a bestselling book, have people come from all over the country to visit our little practice, and be recognized wherever we go in the world.”

Loyal Dr. Pol fans can relax, because new episodes are in the works, Charles reassured: “We are filming new episodes right now, so you will be getting plenty of new episodes along the way.”

We’ll have to wait and see exactly when the 20th season will air. Stay tuned.

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