The Truth About Chrissy Teigen’s New Spine Tattoo

The last time we heard about Chrissy Teigen getting a tattoo, it was a sad occasion, so we’re glad to report that the TV personality and cookbook author’s new ink has a happy message.

In fall 2020, Teigen suffered a miscarriage of the baby that she and her husband, musician John Legend, had named Jack. It was the first time she had conceived naturally; her two children, daughter Luna and son Miles, were born using IVF. Soon after learning she was pregnant, Teigen was hospitalized because she was determined to be high risk, and, unfortunately, the baby didn’t make it. Teigen and Legend had his name tattooed on their wrists, right by their previous forearm tattoos with their spouse and children’s names strung together in lowercase script handwriting. All four pieces were done by Los Angeles tattoo artist Winter Stone (real name Daniel Stone).

Now, it’s new year, new ink for Teigen. Her fresh piece — running down her spine — is family-related, yet quite intimate. Keep reading to find out what it is.

The tattoo features lyrics from her husband, John Legend's, latest album, Bigger Love

Chrissy Teigen posted an Instagram video on Jan. 12, 2021, showing Winter Stone giving her another tattoo. He came to the family’s house to create the spinal piece, per ET, which features lyrics from “Ooh Laa,” a song from husband John Legend’s newest album, Bigger Love, released during summer 2020. The short Instagram video has the song playing in the background as the husband and wife talk about the first time she heard the tune.

In Winter Stone’s signature elongated script, the tattoo reads “ooooh laaaa,” placed on the center of Teigen’s spine, according to a post on his Instagram. The accompanying black-and-white image shows Teigen holding her hair up to reveal the ink on her bare back, with a few crystals on her lower spine for good measure.

So what’s this “Ooh Laa” song about, anyhow? The sexy tune is essentially stating that Legend just can’t get enough of his wife: “Don’t make me wait / I’ve been thinkin’ about it all day / You know what I want / The second, the minute I’m home.” We couldn’t be happier for the couple because it seems that, despite the heartbreaking ordeal they went through in 2020, they’re stronger and more in love than ever.

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