Tomi Lahren's Instagram Followers Are Surprised By Her Deeply Personal Post

No matter what end of the political spectrum you’re on, there’s no doubt that you’re familiar with Tomi Lahren. At just 26 years old, the Republican powerhouse has made her way up the ranks to become one of TV’s most notorious right-wing voices. And now, she’s prepared to tell even more of her story in her new book, Never Play Dead: How The Truth Makes You Unstoppable.

Lahren is known for her tough exterior, and she’s unafraid to get combative with her left-wing critics. It seems she does have a soft spot, however, as she just showed her vulnerable side on her Instagram when talking about her past with disordered eating. Here’s what she said.

Tomi Lahren is known for her deeply controversial right-wing views

Lahren stands by her beliefs through and through, though she’s certainly made waves with her commentary as she continued to rise to fame. The Guardian notes she learned her journalism skills from her time at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, though she doesn’t consider herself to be a journalist now. “I fully acknowledge that I am not a journalist. I clearly have a point of view, I am very passionate about my point of view. I am a commentator,” Lahren said of herself.

The conservative star began gaining some traction with her controversial points of view when she was just 21 years old. She created her Final Thoughts segments for TheBlaze, and Lahren typically criticized the political agenda of the left, causing massive uproar and sparking conversation on both sides of the political spectrum. “There are too many conservatives who are terrified of being labeled,” The Guardian notes Lahren said. “I am genuine and authentic. I don’t say these things to go viral or to be controversial, but I say things that a lot of people wish they could say but are fearful of saying.”

Unfortunately for Lahren, her speaking her mind has caused a great deal of backlash — and it even got her suspended from TheBlaze when a few of her views started to veer left. Many have criticized her for being racist, bigoted, and tone-deaf in her delivery as well.

She just got very personal on Instagram

Those who watch Lahren’s segments are used to her hard exterior and criticism of left politics, so her recent post surprised everybody. Lahren posted this photo of herself when she was just 21 years old, and she admits she had troubles with disordered eating. “I was WAY too skinny. I got out of a 6-year toxic relationship and my way of taking back control was to start running 7 miles a day- which was fine except I was eating WAY too little,” she captioned her post. “I got down to under 100 lbs but no matter how skinny I got, it wasn’t enough and I couldn’t see how bad it was.”

Lahren’s followers are reacting to her post, too. “May not agree with you on a lot, but the growth from here to now is inspirational and I am so happy for you for what you overcame!” one Instagram user commented. And another added, “You’re inspiring millions! Thank you for being brave enough to be authentic.” Yet another commented, “We do not share the same views. By any means. But we share a struggle. We all do. Glad to see you pulled out of yours.”

Lahren promises to share even more truths in her new book

It looks like those who read Never Play Dead are in for even more truths from Lahren. Not only did she mention she touches on her eating disorder in the book, but she also wrote on Instagram that she’s sharing even more unapologetic truths of her own. “I’ve been shunned, labeled, and ridiculed for that voice by both the left and the right! Yet I carry on and I don’t apologize for it. You can call me a lot of things, but a bandwagoner isn’t one of them,” she captioned this post.

According to Salon, one of Lahren’s main messages in her book is to maintain being civil to one another even if you don’t agree with another’s political statements. Lahren explains that she’s been mistreated, mocked, and threatened with physical violence for what she’s said — and she deems that unacceptable. In her book, she writes, “Even when it’s easy to be a mean girl, even when other people cheer you on for being one, don’t do it. You won’t be happy with yourself,” Salon reports.

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