Travis Scott Nabs $50k Custom Vending Machine with Hologram

We know how Travis Scott is gonna be getting his goosebumps now — aside from Kylie Jenner —  it’s a baller vending machine built to satisfy all his cravings! Well, most of ’em.

The Astroworld commemorative machine will be installed in Travis’ office, and besides kicking out some very cool snacks, it also projects a 3D spinning hologram image of Trav’s “Astroworld” album cover. 

It was designed by Houston-based beverage company Exotic Pop, and owner Charleston Wilson says they were happy to deliver when the rapper reached out for a customized vending machine.

The 49-inch multi-function touchscreen makes it easy to navigate the machine’s vast offerings. For instance, it serves up soda from all over the world and, if you find yourself looking for a literal breakfast of champions, there’s a Wheaties box! Shout out to Kylie’s dad.  

And, if Travis or his crew doesn’t see something they like, they can use the display to place a custom order, and have it delivered.

The unique vending machine has 14 patented parts, and getting one built would run ya around $50k. Charleston tells us they’ll hand over Travis’ machine in mid-July when he wraps up his European tour.

BTW … Exotic Pop built Lil Pump his very own soda vending machine earlier this year … which came complete with freakin’ Apple TV! 

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