Vicky Cornell Expects Final Soundgarden Album To ‘See The Light Of Day’

Chris Cornell‘s widow Vicky Cornell said in a recent interview that her husband’s unreleased music, including Soundgarden songs, will come out one day.

USA Today asked Vicky whether there is more unreleased music from Chris that could see the light of day following the release of his covers album, No One Sings Like You Anymore.

“Yes. All of Chris’ music, including Soundgarden, will see the light of day because there’s nothing in the world that lifts me most than sharing Chris’ gifts, having people speak his name, and having his music out there,” she replied.

She added, “He’s alive that way and his legacy lives on. So it’s the most important thing to me, seeing how much people love him, miss him, respect him, and how much we want more of his music out there. So everything will be released.”

Vicky and the surviving members of the band are engaged in a legal battle over the final recordings made by the Soundgarden quartet.

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