Watch Mike Tyson Throw Punches at Annoying Fan During Flight

The former professional boxer, who is also known as Iron Mike, reportedly walks off the plane after forcefully attacking an unnammed guy who keeps talking in his ear.

AceShowbizMike Tyson has lost his cool after a fan annoyed him on an airplane. In a video that is now viral, the former professional boxer was caught throwing punches at the passenger who sat behind him during a flight.

The incident happened when the 55-year-old was taking a flight from San Francisco International Airport to Florida on Wednesday night, April 20. A witness told TMZ that the heavyweight boxing champion was initially having a chat with the unnamed guy and they even took a selfie together.

However, the overly-excited fan failed to leave Mike alone as he kept talking in his ear with someone from across the seat filming it. Irritated by the guy, Iron Mike stood up and punched the man who was reported to be “extremely intoxicated.”

“My boy just got beat up by Mike Tyson,” the passenger filming the ordeal said off camera. “Yeah, he got f**ked up.” His pal later showed his bloodied forehead to the camera.

Shortly after the incident, Mike reportedly walked off the plane. The man who got punched, on the other hand, received medical attention and reported the ordeal to police. Both Mike and JetBlue have yet to address the matter.

Around one month prior, a man suddenly challenged Mike to a fight when the latter was enjoying a small comedy show with friends on a rooftop bar in Hollywood. However, instead of getting provoked by that, Mike seated calmly at his front-row table and ignored the individual, who was later kicked out by the MC.

That apparently upset the man, who then pulled out a gun from his waistband and cocked it in front of everyone. While everyone naturally gasped, Mike didn’t flinch. Thankfully, the man never fired the gun and apparently regretted it as he quickly put the gun away.

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