Welp, Bella Hadid Just Started Following Tyler Cameron So Go Ahead and Read into That

Hello, good morning, wondering how Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron’s relationship is progressing on this fine day? While Tyler hasn’t been seen furtively lurking outside Gigi’s New York City apartment for a hot second, it seems like the pair are pretty serious. At least based on a new ~development~ over on Instagram: Bella Hadid is now following Tyler.

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I feel like this makes things official.

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I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t start following a sibling’s random reality TV hookup unless things were actually dating-dating, so the fact that Bella’s suddenly following Tyler seems to imply that he and Gigi are in it to win it. Which makes sense given the fast-paced trajectory of their relationship!

In case you’ve forgotten or simply never cared enough to notice (fair), Tyler was spotted outside Gigi’s apartment the morning after a date in early August—just days after being spotted outside Hannah Brown’s apartment following their date the night before. Since then, the pair have taken a trip to Lake George together, hung out with Serena Williams, and chilled at the VMAs after party.

In other words things are getting serious. Kinda like how they were getting serious with Hannah approximately five minutes ago! No shade, just saying, I’ll see myself out.

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