Who Is Alabama Coach Nick Saban's Wife, Terry Saban?

If you a fan of college football then chances are you’re familiar with Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban. While running one of the most successful programs in the country, he has cemented his legacy as one of the greatest coaches of all time. And as the saying goes “Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman,” you may be curious about who the University of Alabama coach’s wife is.

Here’s more on the First Lady of Alabama football Terry Saban, who has been married to her husband for half a century. That’s right Terry has been by Nick’s side for more than 50 years.

How Nick Saban and Terry met

Nick and Terry met when they were kids at a science camp in the seventh grade but didn’t start dating till quite a few years later. They went on their first date in 1968. At the time, Nick was attending Kent State and Terry was working as a teacher in West Virginia. Eventually, they got engaged and tied the knot on Dec. 18, 1971. Terry has been there for every game, press conference, and recruiting trip, and she’s very visible in the Tuscaloosa community.

A few years back, Nick told a story about his wife’s ex-boyfriend named Mickey Schafer who owns a car service station. Nick relayed the story about what Terry told him when he tried to brag and drove her past the station. Nick recalled: “We drive by his service station and I said, ‘If you would’ve married him, that’s where you’d be now.’ She said, ‘Bulls—, if I would’ve married him, he’d be the head coach at Alabama now.’”

The pair aren’t all about football all the time. They also co-founded the Nick’s Kids Foundation. Per the organization’s website, its mission is: “To work together in the spirit of faith and giving in our community. To promote and support children, family, teacher, and student causes.”

How many children they have together

The couple has two grown children, Kristen and Nicolas. Today they’re both married with kids of their own.

Nick and Terry became grandparents for the first time in 2013 when Nicolas and his wife welcomed their first child together. Speaking about that day the coach told AL.com: “It’s really wonderful and you have to count your blessings to have a healthy baby and a healthy mother and someone that beautiful come into your family is really something that you have to count your blessings on. Like so many things may not go right, and we certainly feel like we’re blessed… We actually had a rocking chair over there so I was kinda happy rocking that baby for a little bit.”

Terry wants Nick to end his career in Alabama

Over his coaching career, Nick has worked at several different universities and even had a stint in the NFL. But as Terry will tell you after going from Michigan State to LSU to the Miami Dolphins to Alabama, she wants Tuscaloosa to be the last stop.

“This is where we are going to end our career,” she said via The Wall Street Journal. “You come to a crossroads and the expectations get so great, people get spoiled by success, and there gets to be a lack of appreciation. We’re kind of there now.”

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