Will VP Kamala Harris appear on the Sussexes’ Archewell podcast? Eh.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first Archewell podcast came out just before New Year’s. It feels like that was months ago! January 2021 has been a whole-ass journey. Anyway, there was an expectation that Meghan and Harry would be releasing a second podcast soon enough, but they have not, at this time. I wonder again if M&H were a little bit surprised by how time-consuming it is to just produce one podcast? Plus, they’re like, doing interviews and featuring exclusive clips of celebrities and authors and sh-t. I’m sure that their first pod took hours and hours of labor. Anyway, at least one royal commentator is dreaming about who will be featured in the Sussexes’ next podcast. The dream is, apparently, for Meghan to speak to Vice President Kamala Harris. Um.

Kamala Harris may be a guest on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s podcast Archewell, according to a royal commentator. There has been speculation that the Duchess of Sussex may be wading into US politics, but she has so far stopped short of any directly partisan comments. While stepping down as a senior royal means she can express herself more politically, there are still limits, as she retains her Duchess title and HRH status ‒ although the latter should not be used commercially. During the US election, Meghan and Harry encouraged citizens to vote, while openly opposing “misinformation” and “hate” online, which many interpreted as being anti-Donald Trump comments.

Meghan chose not to congratulate Vice President Kamala Harris on her win in the election, although it is clear that the two women admire each other. In her interview with Gloria Steinem, Meghan strongly hinted at her support for Ms Harris, saying the “representation” of people of colour in politics “excited” her. Meanwhile, Ms Harris has made comments in admiration and solitary with the Duchess. When Ms Harris won the election with Joe Biden, popular friends of Meghan’s including Oprah Winfrey and Priyanka Chopra congratulated her, but Meghan did not do so ‒ publicly, at least.

However, Rosa Silverman wrote in the Telegraph that there may be plans for collaboration on the horizon, such as a podcast.

One source told her: “I think there’s a real feeling of solidarity between the two women.”

She added that Ms Harris is a serious politician and not usually one who chooses to rub shoulders with celebrities too often. The source said: “I don’t think she’s interested in popular game-playing,” but added that the opportunity to work with Meghan might be too good to pass up.

Ms Silverman suggested a podcast might be the answer. She wrote: “Why this could work: It would serve as a one-off collaboration to discuss and promote some shared aims and interests before Harris becomes too busy to enter into such enterprises with figures like Meghan.

[From The Daily Express]

I don’t see how it could or would happen, but I totally understand why royal commentators want it to happen. They want to attack Meghan for “getting political” and they also want to continue their weird campaign of assuming that Meghan is friends with all of the prominent Black people in America. It’s clear that VP Harris and Meghan are on each other’s radars and that will probably be enough for now. Don’t take this the wrong way and I don’t mean to insult Meghan and Harry but… I would hope that the Vice President of the United States has better things to do with her time than appear on the Archewell podcast.

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