Young Thug Dubs Himself the ‘Straightest Man in the World’ Amid Gay Rumors, Calls Out Lil Wayne

Having been rumored to be gay due to his love for couture women’s clothing, the ‘Best Friends’ hitmaker denies the rumors when stopping by Real 92.3 radio for a rare interview.

AceShowbizYoung Thug had a lot to talk to when stopping by Real 92.3 radio for a rare interview on Wednesday, August 21. One of the topics brought up during the chat was rumors of his sexuality. The rapper had long been rumored to be gay due to his love for couture women’s clothing, but he had set the record straight in the interview and insisted that he’s not attracted to same sex.

Declaring himself as the “straightest man in the world,” he said, “People judge me, and people say, ‘Gay!’ But it’s like, ‘N***a at one point I probably had more h**s.’ You know what I’m sayin’? It’s serious! If people think that I’m gay, I’m already misjudged.” Thug added, “Man, I hate you guys! Like, what? …I’m not even havin’ no threesome with no n***a!”

Besides talking about his sexual orientation, Thug also opened up about his complicated relationship with Lil Wayne. When asked about the matter, Thug suggested that the hip-hop mogul probably didn’t like him and began calling him out. “I think it’s because he just been with Birdman his whole life and he’s just so spoiled to the point where it’s like… He’s been a superstar since he was nine years old, so he don’t nothing but his way,” Thug said.

The “Best Friend” rapper didn’t stop there. He continued, “Pretty sure he done stopped back and looked at any interviews I ever did and he probably got the picture now. Like, ‘Okay, I maybe did too much.’ Maybe he feel like, ‘I done too much against this young n***a to the point where I can’t even embrace him.”

Thug and Weezy’s beef first started after the former announced that his debut commercial mixtape would be titled “Carter 6” that was a reference to Weezy’s “Carter” album series. But instead of feeling proud, the Young Money owner didn’t like the idea and threatened him with legal action. This prompted Thug to change the name of the album to “Barter 6”, but their relationship remains strained ever since.

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