Army Of The Dead Review – Zack Snyder’s zombiefest is monstrously entertaining

Elvis impersonators, showgirls and gamblers are devoured, mercenaries lead a brief fightback before the military seal off the city.

Now in the present day, Scott Ward (Dave Bautista), one of the heroes of zombie war, is flipping burgers when he gets an offer he can't refuse.

A Japanese casino magnate (Mortal Kombat's Hiroyuki Sanada) wants him to assemble a team to liberate the $200 million from a vault under the Strip two days before the US government is due to drop a nuke onto the city.

If you saw last year's Train To Busan 2, this may sound a bit familiar but this undead heist movie has bags of personality.

There are stylish set-pieces, colourful characters and some original flourishes like soulful "alpha" zombies and a rotting tiger reanimated from the Siegfried & Roy show.

It's a great popcorn movie, although with this one you'll have to clean up your own crumbs.

On Netflix from May 21

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