Cool Stuff: Ben Harman's 'Indiana Jones' Trilogy Print Set Explores the Tombs and Temples

Having kept up with the pop culture art scene for a long time, we’ve seen countless artwork paying tribute to the Indiana Jones franchise. So when a new set honoring the entire adventure trilogy comes along, it has to be something really special to convince us to grab our wallets. Artist Ben Harman, who is best known for creating some stunning Disney-inspired artwork, set his sights on the entire Indiana Jones trilogy by creating a set of prints featuring iconic locations, and they’re absolute stunners.

Ben Harman Indiana Jones Prints

If you’re looking for to make the Indiana Jones trilogy feel even more like a classic serial, Ben Harman also created black and white versions of each print, with the titles being the only element in color. Here’s the full set of them:

Just like the full color versions above, you can buy the black and white Indiana Jones prints individually for $50 each or as a set with matching numbers for $145. But since these are variants, they’re far more limited with an edition size of 100 for each print.

All of these prints go on sale today at Bottleneck Gallery starting at 12:00 P.M. EST. Good luck!

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