How Taron Egerton Became Elton John for ‘Rocketman’

Portraying someone as iconic as Elton John on the big screen is a very difficult task, which is why everyone from Tom Hardy to Justin Timberlake was initially considered for the role in the upcoming biopic Rocketman until producers settled on Taron Egerton.

“It was a brilliant idea to have Taron play Elton,” says Rocketman director Dexter Fletcher. “Taron has a very innate, likable, vulnerable quality that not a lot of leading men easily find.”

For Taron, the challenge was finding the real person underneath the legend. “He’s a very unusual character and he has a lot of contradictions,” says Egerton. “He’s both at once incredibly vulnerable and incredibly intimidating… There’s a spark in him and you feel it when you meet him. There’s something and it’s not something you can define.”

Check out this video where Egerton and Fletcher discuss the creation of Rocketman along with scenes from the movie. Rocketman is in theaters May 31st.

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