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(Clockwise from left to right): Samantha Barry, Emily Ratajkowski, and Whembley Sewell

WrapWomen now brings its successful Power Women Breakfast franchise to multiple cities building a broad power base of professional women who are decision-makers and mothers, leaders and wives, innovators and activists. Videos from the Power Women Breakfast in New York City (July 9) and Washington, DC (July 11) are available exclusively now with a WrapPRO membership.

Power Women Breakfast NY 2019: Jane Rosenthal Full  
TheWrap’s Power Women Breakfast series in July brought together influential women in entertainment, media, technology and finance in key cities to network and connect.

PWB NY 2019: First Lady of NY
NYC First Lady Chirlane McCray at TheWrap’s Power Women Breakfast in New York City explained why she has made mental health issues her mission since her husband, Bill DeBlasio, was elected mayor of New York City.

PWB NY 2019: Emily Ratajkowski
Actress, activist, model and entrepreneur Emily Ratajkowski spoke candidly about how “exhausting” it can be “fighting the good fight” on political and social justice causes.

Emily Ratajkowski at PWB NYC 2019

Photographed by Fiona Veronique

PWB NY 2019: Norah O’Donnell
Norah O’Donnell said she wouldn’t be the new “CBS Evening News” anchor if not for the network’s recent upheaval.

PWB DC 2019: ‘Equal Pay: Women in Sports’
Crisis PR expert Molly Levinson addressed the challenges for women in the male-dominated field of sports. “Go be an agent. Don’t leave those jobs to the men,” she told the crowd at TheWrap’s Power Women Breakfast Washington DC.

PWB DC 2019: ‘The Future of the Creative Economy’ Full
U.S. Rep. Linda Sanchez, the California Democrat, compared the state of the entertainment industry in the era of digital piracy to the Wild West, adding that as it currently stands, “There is no sheriff.”

PWB DC 2019: ‘Balance at the Ballot Box’
Cynthia Terrell, founder and executive director of RepresentWomen, said at TheWrap’s Power Women Breakfast in Washington, D.C. that the U.S. electoral system is rigged against women.

PWB DC 2019: ‘The Road to Representation’
Democratic political veteran Jennifer Palmieri said that what she learned trying to elect the first female president as Hillary Clinton’s communications director in 2016 was that our political and social system is “broken.”

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