Robert Durst Describes Finding Susan Berman's Body: 'I Did Not Imagine at That Time That She’d Been Shot'

Real estate heir returned Monday to testify in his own murder trial

There wasn’t, he said, and when he turned back towards the front door, he noticed the front door was open and the note was gone. He could not remember whether he had left the door open or not, but when he got to the first bedroom, he “did a double take” because he “saw Susan lying on the floor on her back.” He described her as being cold and her hair being in some sort of liquid that he figured was blood.

“I did not imagine at that time that she’d been shot,” he explained. He went to call 911 but discovered the phone was dead, so he could in the car to find a payphone to call 911. He did not give his name to the dispatcher because he didn’t want to be identified, so he decided to write a letter to the Beverly Hills Police Department saying Susan was dead in the house.

He described he felt a little hungover from taking Percocet because of his migraine earlier in the day. He had pen and paper in his car, but he did not have envelopes or stamps so he “must’ve done that” although he has no recollection of that. However, in evidence photos, there was a box of envelopes in Berman’s house, but Durst said he doesn’t remember where he got the envelope and stamp.

The letter said, “cadaver, 1527 Benedict Canyon Drive.”

“Did you lie about it?” DeGuerin asked. “Yes,” Durst said.”

“Did you lie about it for years?” he followed up. “Yes, because it’s a very difficult thing to believe. I have difficulty believing it myself that I would write the letter and I did not kill Susan Berman.” 

He decided he wanted to get away from Los Angeles, so he drove up to San Francisco. He then decided to fly to New York because he had New Years plans in the city.

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