Will There Be a 'Toy Story 5'? Tom Hanks Teases Possibility

Toy Story 4 has arrived in theatres, is getting rave reviews, and is poised to break box office records, but is another sequel in the works? When Toy Story 3 premiered, fans of the franchise expected it be the last, with a satisfying ending given to Woody, Buzz, and the gang… but the next sequel is serving up another great chapter of the toy saga.

Tom Hanks weighs in

Given that fans never expected a Toy Story 4, many are wondering if there could be a fifth installment.

Toy Story 5 might just happen — and that’s coming straight from Woody… er… Tom Hanks’ mouth. During a recent interview with HELLO! at the Toy Story 4 premiere in London this week, Hanks noted, “With the fourth one we don’t know if it’s the last, we don’t know if it’s the beginning of a new generation of it all, but I have always been knocked out by the words on the paper and the investment everyone takes on. These movies take the better part of five or six years… and they can’t just be good or facile, they have to be worthwhile. Every movie hopes to be worthwhile but it doesn’t always happen.”

The actor also shared that with the first film he had some doubts, but after the movie’s success, each subsequent installment became more worry-free. He explained: “It’s not up to us, it’s about the people who come up with that story. The first time we thought, ‘Is this going to work at all?’ and on the second time we said, ‘Are you sure you guys want to do this?’ And on the third film we were like, ‘You got this? These movies are really important.’”

Toy Story 4 proved to be emotional for Hanks

Hanks also admitted that he became emotional while recording his scenes for Toy Story 4, explaining, “I wasn’t sure what the last page was going to be. We finished one sequence and they said: ‘OK, thanks, you’re done.’ I actually had a transcendental moment of going back to 1991 when we started all of this. I was in the same room with the same engineers with some of the same people. I had to take a moment to collect myself.”

Additionally, in an interview with the New York Times, the actor was asked, “How do you tackle emotional scenes when you’re on the soundstage with the script?”

Hanks shared some of what’s involved in this type of acting, noting, “It’s an imaginary stretch. To the point of exhaustion. Because you’re only using your voice, you can’t go off mic, you cannot use any of your physicality.”

He continued, “You have to imagine that physicality. In alot of ways that’s the antithesis of what you do as an actor.”

The actor further explained how simply turning his chair around, so it wasn’t facing “the stage and the people,” helped him get in the right state of mind to deliver his lines.

Hanks noted, “My last few sessions I had them set up the mic stand withmy back to them. I don’t think I could’ve done the last few recording sessionsthe other way. If there was a scintilla of self-consciousness to any of those lines,it would have been unsatisfying.”

Circling back to the possibility of another chapter of Toy Story, it could happen. Inside the Magic reported that when they attended a press day hosted at Pixar Studios, the film’s producer, Mark Nielsen, shared: “Every film we make, we treat it like it’s the first and last film we’re going to make… Whether there’s another one? I don’t know. If there is, it’s tomorrow’s problem.”

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