A Definitive Ranking Of All Six Taylor Swift Albums

TS7 is officially underway and Swifties everywhere are losing their minds. Just last week, Taylor Swift announced her seventh studio album, Lover, will be releasing worldwide on August 23. The album, which is romantic in tone, is highly anticipated and will feature 18 original songs from Swift. With 10 GRAMMY awards under her belt, six released albums, five number one hits, and a career that has spanned 13 years, Swift has proved that she’s a force to be reckoned with. In celebration of the impending release of Lover, let’s take a look back at all six of Swift’s studio albums ranked worst to best.

6. Reputation

“There will be no explanation, there will just be Reputation.” the 29-year-old songstress said about her sixth studio album, Reputation. This era marked Swift being uncharacteristically quiet about the creative process behind her music. For this particular album, Swift was determined to put all of her attention on the music itself. She recently admitted that she just wanted to make music and not talk about the why or the how behind it. Very little promotion or marketing accompanied Reputation.

Although the Reputation stadium tour was the highest grossing tour in U.S. history, most Swifties agree that this is the singer’s weakest album. The album failed to have the natural flow that we expect from Swift and instead seemed a bit chaotic. “Delicate” however, was a standout song from the record with its dreamy, upbeat vibes.

5. Taylor Swift

It’s not that we don’t love Swift’s debut album, it’s just that we love almost all of her subsequent albums even more. Still, there’s a special place in our hearts for the songstress’ first album because it introduced her and her unique sound. Swift was only 16 when her self-titled album released and its country, romantic, vibes quickly catapulted her into superstardom.

Who could forget the enchanting hit “Tim McGraw”, which truly put Swift on the map? In contrast, “Our Song” was an upbeat tune that was full of southern twang and teenage angst. Perhaps that’s what makes this album so great. It features a medley of tunes providing a spectrum of feels that we could all still, somehow relate to.

4. Speak Now

Largely seen as Swift’s transition album, Speak Now delicately balanced Swift’s country roots and the new pop sound that she was exploring. Taking cues from its name, Swift’s third album marks where she really began to be vocal about using her life experiences to inspire the narrative from her album. Many of the songs are written in response to the relationships she had with famous figures.

“Back To December” is thought to be written in honor of Swift’s short relationship with Taylor Lautner. “Innocent” details Swift’s feelings on Kanye West after he famously grabbed the mike from her at the VMA’s. “Dear John” was written about her relationship with John Mayer and “Mean” was written for a famously harsh music critic. “Mean” is certainly a stand out tune on the album, especially after it became an anthem for anti-bullying. However, one song that doesn’t get nearly enough praise is the devastatingly beautiful “Last Kiss”, which is a classic, breakup ballad.

3. 1989

Swift’s fifth studio album might’ve taken a little time to get used to, but it definitely houses some of her strongest tunes. 1989 featured a completely different sound for the singer, which many people failed to adjust to. However, songs like “Blank Space”, “Style”, and “Out Of The Woods” helped Swift secure her spot as one of pop music’s biggest players with their ridiculously catchy beats. Meanwhile hits like “Clean” and “Wildest Dreams” show Swift’s incredible ability to perfectly capture feelings like growth and nostalgia.

2. Fearless

It’s fitting that Swift’s second studio album comes in at second place. We absolutely stan for this album. Its release solidified that Swift was far from a one-hit wonder. Songs like “Fearless” and “Love Story” beautifully showcase the singer’s outstanding songwriting ability, while “You Belong With Me” became the teenage anthem that we all deserved. This album was packed full of emotions and is a great encapsulation of what it means to experience love, and all of its nuances, in its entirety.

1. Red

Hands down the best album of Swift’s career, Red marked the moment where Swift took complete ownership of her brand. Prior to the release of her fourth and best studio album, her record company told her they loved everything about the record, but she would need to throw in a country song or two to appeal to her fans. Swift took a stand and said that she respected their opinion, but the album was what it was and she wasn’t changing a thing.

We love that the 29-year-old put her foot down because Red is truly her best work. With stunning collaborations on songs like “The Last Time” and “Everything Has Changed” Swift proved that she was more than capable of continuing to leave her mark on the music industry. Quite honestly, Red could’ve only featured one song (“All Too Well”) and we still would have loved it.


We can’t wait to see what Swift has in store for us next. One thing’s for sure, Swift always like to keep us on our toes. We’ll be patiently waiting for August 23 to soak up all the romantic vibes, Lover is bound to deliver.

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