Andrea Bocelli on ‘sweet intimacy’ of daughter Virginia’s debut ‘Her Christmas gift to me’

Andrea Bocelli: Believe in Christmas Encore trailer

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Last December with much of Europe in lockdown, Andrea Bocelli creatively found other ways to give live-streamed performances around the world. His festive highlight was the Believe in Christmas concert at the Theatre Regio of Parma, which saw virtual spectators from over 100 countries. Now as the Italian tenor gives fans another chance to watch the show tonight and this weekend, he has spoken exclusively with about the joy of duetting with his then 8-year-old daughter Virginia Bocelli in her professional debut.

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The two sang Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah together as Andrea strummed along on the guitar.

Asked how incredibly special this must have been as a father, he said: “It was Virginia’s Christmas gift to me. It was more fun than a professional debut.

“I wouldn’t say it was a surprise, but almost: the idea came about almost as a joke and then it was included in the setlist only right before the concert.

“Although I’m an apprehensive father, in this case I was not: I concentrated on the beauty of that moment, so intimate and sweet… Us sitting on the stage, a guitar, the silence around us, her voice intermingled with mine. It is a moment that I carry in my heart.”

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