Avengers: Endgame’s Most Iconic Line Almost Didn’t Happen

The most iconic line, and coolest moment, of Avengers: Endgame was only added to the movie at the very last minute.

As always when it comes to our Avengers: Endgame content, there are obviously spoilers ahead. So if you still haven’t seen Endgame two weeks after its release, and you have somehow managed to avoid spoilers this entire time, then look away now. This article contains spoilers of the highest order from the get-go.

In the weeks building up to Endgame‘s release, everyone was worried about the runtime of the movie. After news leaked that the MCU epic would be more than three hours long, people began to worry about their attention spans and their bladders. We now know that the move was so action-packed, three hours was a synch. We would have happily sat there for another three had Marvel dictated we do so.

Choosing one moment from the whole movie as our favorite is tricky, but we do have one. We imagine it was the standout moment for most movie-goers who have seen the film. Tony Stark sporting the infinity stones, staring right at Thanos, and uttering “I am Iron Man” as he snapped his fingers. Yes, it ultimately ended Stark’s life, but it will forever go down as perhaps one of the biggest and best moments in movie history.

The most shocking thing of all about the iconic line is that it almost never was. Endgame directors Anthony and Joe Russo revealed during a Q&A with Film that they were struggling to think of a fitting quip to be Stark’s final line. After reluctantly deciding that he should just say nothing, Endgame editor Jeff Ford came to them with the idea.

“Why don’t we just go full circle with it and say I am Iron Man?” Ford said to the Russos. With that, they grabbed Robert Downey Jr. and filmed the scene the very next day. We’re not saying the movie would have been anything less than awesome without the line, but it definitely made Endgame better. For a character who has become famous for his quips and one-liners, it wouldn’t have been right for Iron Man to leave the MCU without saying anything at all.

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