Benjamin Keough's Ex-Girlfriend Shares Touching Tribute After His Death: 'You Were My Favorite Person'

Back in October 2014, Presley spoke to Healthy Living magazine about her family, which she called "just very normal."

"We all stay together. We are all very close. Wherever I am, they have their rooms and live with me," she said at the time. "We all try to stay close as much as possible. Like, in the same room, preferably for me. I don’t like it when they are far away in any way."

"I am very protective," she continued. "I just smother them in love and I am also ferociously protective. They are my priority. That’s what I do. That’s what I care most about. I keep them close to me and make sure they are happy and healthy."

Presley explained that even when her kids reach adulthood, caring for and doting on them never ends.

"When they get older sometimes I don’t think it ever ends. When they get past 18 I think their problems just get bigger to be honest; that’s always a struggle," she said. "… We all kind of hold each other up; we are all each other’s best friends. I’m theirs but I am also their mother."

The mother emphasized her tight-knit bond with her children, adding that "none of us are happy if we haven’t seen each other past a week or two."

One of Presley's most recent social media posts, from June 2019, featured the musician with her four children, including Benjamin. “Mama Lion with cubs ❤️🖤💚💙🦁🥰,” she captioned the post at the time.

Lisa Marie had a particularly close bond with her son. They even got matching tattoos for Mother’s Day in 2009. Speaking to fans about it on Twitter in May 2012, she said it was “a Celtic eternity knot” that represents “eternal love and connection.”

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