BGT Connie Talbot’s life now – transformation, TV career and George Sampson bond

Connie Talbot has had a complete transformation years on from her debut on Britain's Got Talent at just six years old.

In the years that followed her sensational debut, Connie was immediately picked up as a global sensation and after landing second place in the 2007 series, she has continued to follow her pursuit of music.

While the UK hasn't heard too much from Connie in recent years, she's preparing to drop a bombshell EP next year – but it won't be her first time launching a track into the world.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Connie confessed she has spent most of her career in Asia, after having incredible exposure following her ITV debut.

Work in Asia

Connie, who celebrates her 21st birthday today, soon realised after her time on BGT that she was supported by a region of loyal fans in Asia, so she opted to spend a large amount of her time there.

After BGT, she saw sales sky-rocket overseas, so she travelled and spent a lot of her time there since the age of seven.

Connie said: "My career went more towards the Asian side of the world. I've always had very loyal followers over there so I'm very grateful for that.

"I spend a lot of time there. Over here I still have quite a few amazing and loyal people who follow me, but most of my career has been in Asia."

Connie explained that she was asked to do an album while she was there which went platinum in South Korea and Taiwan, with her followers supporting her wholeheartedly from the age of seven to 2021.

She said that she will be going back to Asia to record new music as soon as she is able.

Simon Cowell pals and embracing BGT

The Support from Simon Cowell has been never-ending for Connie, and she still loves to bump into the judge as and when.

She said: "It's always nice to see Simon, I've seen him a few times. He's invited me to sing at a few of his charity events, he always thanks me for going on the show.

"I'm still so grateful, I suppose I'll always be known as the girl from BGT, but really I have to embrace it. It's such an amazing platform to come from.

"I'm nearly 21 now and I'm focusing on getting my own music out there. It really makes me appreciate where I've come from, embracing it, putting my own stuff out there – I just hope people enjoy it."

Glam transformation

Now 20, Connie looks unrecognisable from the little girl that first appeared on the show, and regularly shares glamorous snaps on her Instagram page.

Whilst also singing, Connie is now a social media influencer and always shares glimpses into her jet-setting lifestyle with snaps from a number of exotic locations.

Destinations include Singapore, LA and China, with fans being left awe-struck by the gorgeous pictures, which show Connie wearing glamorous outfits in front of idyllic backdrops.

She captioned one snap: "Feeling very grateful and blessed that doing a job I love takes me to see some beautiful parts of the world… pit stop at an empty beach."

Unlikely Friendships

Years after she went on the show, Connie befriended winner of the 2008 series George Sampson. Connie spurred other youngsters to go on the show after her debut, and while she was six when she first stepped onto the stage, George went on at 14-years-old.

The pair have now connected and became friends, alongside Bars and Melody, who also appeared on the show.

Connie said: "George and I sometimes exchange messages. He's always been a really nice person.

"I think because he was also young on the show it's nice that we catch up sometimes. We literally talk about anything. It's nice to keep in touch with people who have done the same thing as you and still have a career and enjoy being a part of it all."

Korean Drama

Dipping her toe into the acting pool, Connie has been preparing to focus on even more ventures in the arts, including acting.

She said: "It's never something I thought I would do, but I've been having lessons, masterclasses, and it's something I'm getting into. I've had a few songs pitched to movies which is really exciting – and I'd love to star in a movie.

"I've been offered to act in some Korean Dramas, South Korean episodes and series – which is exciting, especially following the success of Squid Game.

"Acting was never an intention of mine, music will always be my first love and my main focus. But it would be nice to venture into something that is so close to the music industry."

New Music

Connie is now preparing to release more music, and she's certainly look forward to testing out her pop vocal cords and hitting the radio with some chart toppers.

She said: "It's different from what people have heard from me. It's a lot more pop and cinematic, which is something that I've always loved. When it comes to my dream collaboration – I love John Legend. He's got one of my favourite voices in pop at the moment.

"I also love Post Malone, to make a song with him, well that would be a dream."

Connie plans to release her EP next year.

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