Cardi B Looks Unrecognizable Without Makeup

The ever-evolving Cardi B may be known as a rapper and the formidable force behind songs like “Up” and “WAP,” but she’s also known for being up front and honest about her life. For instance, on top of revealing the details behind her issue with acne, she had “some refreshingly honest things to say about childbirth” when she sat down for a chat on Jimmy Kimmel Live! according to Mashable. She’s also let the public in on other tidbits about her, like why she doesn’t collaborate with many male artists and what her connection to one of the most (in)famous gangs around involved.

Cardi is just as bold when it comes to staying true to her style, whether that’s “latex body-con, princess ball gowns, archival couture,” or “slick suiting,” according to Glamour. Of course, she also likes to appear at events with memorable makeup that not everyone would be willing (or able) to pull off, such as the “glittery pink eye makeup from the 2019 GRAMMYs,” per Entertainment Tonight, or “her colorful rainbow eye look.”

Obviously, Cardi is someone who likes to be totally true to herself and is definitely not afraid to speak her mind or show off who she really is inside and out. She proved that yet again when she posted a video of herself without makeup in February 2021 and told her followers exactly what she had to say to haters who didn’t like it.

Cardi B has 'never been afraid to show' her real self

On Feb. 9, 2021, Cardi B took to Instagram to post a video of herself with a bare face. She also had a message for those who were checking out what she had to say. “This is my face after wakin up 20 minutes ago, no filter, hair not brushed, lip chap all that. I never been afraid to show my real self,” Cardi wrote in the caption of the post.

The star added, “When YOU ON TOP the miserable and the ugly love to screenshot pictures while you in motion then criticize your face. I’m confident in my own skin.” She also prompted others to think about what they were doing, writing, “You b****es need to ask ya self if ya confidence in ya self [enough] that ya gotta try to bring b****es down for a hobby that’s winning and in their 20s.”

Beyond that, Cardi sent her followers a message in the recording while showing off her blemishes and unstyled hair, saying, “I feel good.” She added, “I just want to let you all know that I feel comfortable in my skin, that I’m great, that I’m happy.” She also noted that her record is doing great and explained, “Just because you have so much hatred in your heart, that when I do great, you want to put it down. You can’t. I’ma stay on top. With this face, with this natural face, makeup or not.” And that’s that.

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