Cardi B: Nude for ‘Press’ cover art ahead of new song release

Hip-hop star Cardi B is nude for her newest single as the rapper’s “Press” is set for release Friday. The latest photoshoot brings Cardi into focus as she promotes a brand new song ahead of her next album.

The latest shoot also marks the second time that the rapper has gone naked for one of her major song releases.

Cardi B poses nude for new song “Press”

Bronx hip-hop sensation Cardi B previously teased her fans with a snippet for “Press” last December. It was just a small tease, but the clip was enough to get her diehard fans salivating as they awaited the full release.

She recently posted a brand new Instagram photo featuring the black and white cover art for “Press.” It features Cardi B nude on the front with censor stripes over her.

She’s being escorted out of court by various men as the paparazzi are swarming to give her more publicity.

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When does Cardi B’s “Press” release?

As seen in the Instagram posts, Cardi B’s new song “Press” arrives at midnight on Friday, May 31. It marks her second song with naked cover art since her previous hit, “Money.”

The official music video for that particular song also featured plenty of scantily clad females in mock stripper situations.

Cardi doesn’t have a new album title or release date yet. However, she’ll look to follow up on the huge success she enjoyed with “Invasion of Privacy” just over a year ago.

It achieved No. 1 on multiple album charts and spawned the No. 1 hit “I Like It” featuring Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

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PRESS”single” drops FRIDAY!

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Cardi B’s new single should be available on various music platforms including iTunes Store as of midnight. It won’t be all that surprising when her latest song takes No. 1 on the charts either.

Some sizzling cover art certainly won’t hurt sales.

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