Carol Vorderman emotional as she shares son’s severe learning difficulties

Countdown star and brainiac Carol Vorderman became emotional as she spoke about her son's learning difficulties.

Like any other proud parent the 60-year-old TV star recently took to social media to gush that her second-born child Cameron, 24, had achieved a masters degree from Dundee University.

However, the pleasant post came with heartfelt emotion as Carol unveiled that Cameron had suffered from "severe learning difficulties" and his school years had been no mean feat.

In spite of being dubbed as "thick" by nasty bullies and living in the shadows of his highly intelligent mum and equally smart sister Katie, 29, Carol's son remained defiant that he would achieve his goals in life.

And his academic achievements to date certainly prove just that.

The Pride Of Britain host also revealed in an emotional interview that she had to battle with the education system.

Cameron's special educational needs had not been raised at school and he struggled to get on in class.

At the age of just four – after Carol had divorced from the children's father Paddy King – Carol was called to the school about Cameron's "disruptive behaviour" and within a few years, they found themselves seeking alternative education for him.

After six-to-seven other schools had analysed his records, it became evident that none were willing to take on her son but defiant Carol refused to give up hope.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she explained: "By six, this child I loved so much, that I would have done anything for, was being rejected — by the school, by the teachers, by the other pupils. It was heart-breaking, utterly heart-breaking.

"And I was lost. Was I going to have to teach him at home, myself? How? I just wasn't equipped. I didn't know how to teach a child with this level of special needs."

Carol first established that there had been something "seriously wrong" with Cameron at the age of three when they'd sat down to run through the alphabet together.

Having been over particular letters "hundreds of times", it became apparent to the TV star that things were not "going in".

The more the Countdown star pressed for her son's attention, the more he resisted – and on occasions his "head would just hit the table".

During the chat Carol confessed that at one point she didn't think it "would be possible" for Cameron to be awarded with a masters degree and hailed her son for his "determination".

Getting emotional while discussing Cameron's recent achievements, Carol told the same publication: "I knew he wasn't thick, or slow, or any of those things that he and children like him are often told.

"I always thought he was brilliantly bright. He is."

'That we are here, with him gaining a master's is down to Cameron, and his determination,' she says. 'I could not be prouder of how he has done this, because frankly I didn't know how it would be possible.

'The gap between how I thought children learned and how he needed to learn was so vast.

'But he has been teaching me. I'm still learning from him. There's so much about education, about the brain, about how we learn that I simply did not know. Things that we, as a society, need to know.'

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