Cheryl’s outrageous tattoos – bum display, cleavage inking and Ashley tribute

Cheryl has never been afraid of a little ink, with the singer now being known for having some of the most outrageous tattoos in the industry.

The one tattoo that never fails to shock is the giant rose that stretches from the tops of her thighs to the middle of her back.

The extended piece covers up three of Cheryl's previous tattoos on her bum and lower back.

The former X Factor judge wanted to have a big tattoo after her battle with malaria in 2010 as her near scrape with death taught her a lot about life and how she wants to live.

The former Girls Aloud singer contracted malaria whilst climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on a Comic Relief trip to Tanzania.

After nearly dying, Cheryl wanted to fulfill her dream of getting a big tattoo, and she certainly did that with the huge rose pattern on her derriere.

The piece took over 15 hours to complete and has been listed as "the worst tattoo of all time" by The Sun.

The extended tat covers up some of Cheryl's previous tattoos from when she was younger.

When Cheryl was 16 she got a Tweety bird tattooed on her bum to mark the arrival of her nephew.

The cartoon bird was supposed to emulate her original surname "Tweedy."

Cheryl has recently started using the surname Tweedy again after ditching her ex-husband Ashley Cole's surname when they divorced in 2010 and her second husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini's name after their divorce in 2014.

The tattoo also covers a rose butterfly tattoo Cheryl had on her lower back nearly two decades ago.

Originally Cheryl got the iconic butterfly tattoo all the way back in 2002, but after her infamous divorce from Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole in 2010, she added an extra swirling pattern to symbolise her fresh start and new independence from her husband.

This isn't the only time Cheryl has got a tattoo to mark a new occasion.

The singer got a small heart tattooed on her middle finger after her son Bear, fathered by Liam Payne, who she met as a judge on the X Factor, was born in 2017.

She shared a picture to Instagram at the time with the caption, "My new baby ink."

Although keen to cover some old tattoos up, Cheryl still has the one on the back of her neck.

After her marriage to Ashley, Cheryl had 'Mrs Cole' tattooed.

Although she has had some of her others covered up with other inkings over the years, Cheryl appears to have still kept the loving tribute to her ex visible on her body..

Proving she isn't afraid of intimate tattoos, Cheryl also has a tattoo down her cleavage, which she has shown off whilst wearing daringly plunging outfits on red carpets.

The tat is a Buddhist symbol said to represent the path to enlightenment.

This tattoo isn't the only one that draws on other cultures. Cheryl also has a Maori tattoo on her left hand.

The subtle tattoo on the side of her hand is the Maori letter 'C' perhaps standing for Cheryl's first name.

In a 2010 interview with The Guardian Cheryl shared her love for the dainty ink, as she said: "I like the one on my hand, the little one. Just an abstract thing."

Finally, Cheryl has another rose tattoo on her upper thigh, proving her love for floral designs.

The tattoo stretches around her thigh and shows a rose surrounded by thorns.

English roses are Cheryl's favourite flower and she isn't afraid to prove that with her ink.

Among the roses is also a treble clef, said to represent Cheryl's singing career.

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