Damian left Giannina sobbing at the alter – but the couple didn’t leave it there

Following the release of the hit series, Love is Blind, Netflix came back with a second series, this time a reunion of the fellow cast members.

In the three-part special, we saw the couples and singletons reunite following the release of the hit TV show that was filmed in 2018.

The show first arrived on Netflix in February 2020 and followed a bunch of singletons on their quest to find true love.

During the reunion, certain cast members seemed happily married.

Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed were still together, with the talk of children in the future.

Matthew Barnett and Amber Pike were also married during the show and have since stayed together.

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In the dramatic reunion, we also saw the return of fiery couple Damian Powers & Giannina Gibelli, who were semi-dating during the time the reunion was filmed.

What happened to Damian Powers & Giannina Gibelli?

The pair matched during the pod experiment, where they spoke to each other between a wall in rooms known as “pods”

Damian and Giannina remained together throughout the whole process until the day of the wedding.

In the first series, Giannina was brutally dumped at the alter by Damian.

The traumatic scene saw the rejected bride run from the venue, distraught with Damian’s decision.

After filming ended for the first series, Damian and Giannina parted ways until they later rekindled their love and got back in contact.

During the time of filming for the reunion, they were apparently dating, but had not yet moved in together or progressed their relationship further.

It seemed that Damian was also dating the Too Hot to Handle cast member, Francesca Farago, after he invited her to the reunion party.

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Rumours about the pair have been spiralling and it's caused public tension.

Talking to Insider about the party Giannina said "After that party, I just knew there's nothing I can do anymore. I was just so turned off.”

Damian and Giannina continued to see each other to discuss the situation but were confirmed to have officially gone their separate ways in early 2021.

In an interview with Insider Giannina confirmed the split and said "Damian and I ended our relationship, and I wanted to start traveling and wanted to start experiencing new things”.

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Talking about this further, Giannina said "I've built this wall around me of good thoughts and just only thinking about how this is a positive time in my life.”

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Also adding that she has “moved on” and is in a “good headspace”.

You can catch the Love is Blind reunion on Netflix for a three-part series, as we catch up on all the drama and gossip that follows.

What is Love is Blind?

In the hit series, 30 single men and women came together for a pod experiment, taking part in an unusual speed dating process.

During this time, they could not see each other, but developed a relationship based purely on personalities to test if love really is blind.

The singletons spent 10 days talking to each other in a speed dating environment.

After 10 days, they each chose someone to propose to – still through a wall.

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Afterward, the couples met face-to-face for the first time, meeting the person they had grown so close to.

The couples who were engaged were flown to Mexico to enjoy a holiday together and also had the opportunity to meet others also involved in the experiment.

They later headed home to share an apartment together, during this time they also met each other's family and friends.

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