Davina McCall says ‘it’s a miracle I’m still alive’ after heroin addiction

Former Big Brother icon Davina McCall believes it is a "miracle" that she is still alive today after battling a heroin addiction in her youth.

At the time, the now 53-year-old was seemingly out of control and admitted to taking five ecstasy pills in one sitting while comparing her roguish behaviour to other associates who would just have one half.

Speaking out in a frank and candid interview with DJ Fat Tony on his show The Recovery, she explained: "It's a miracle I'm still alive.

"My drug of choice was heroin. I went from speed then to coke – coke was and is really expensive for a 17, 18-year-old girl still at school.

"Then I got a job at Models One and that changed everything."

She went on: "I was partying a lot and it was the ecstasy era and it was late Eighties, early Nineties – summer of love.

"Everybody hugging each other, and stroking each other, and telling everybody that they loved them.

"So I remember that as being a really crazy, fun time."

Little did the TV star know back then that a harsh comment from a friend would eventually save her life.

Davina decided to seek professional help over 20 years ago after a close chum declared that she didn't want to speak to the TV star anymore, telling her "everybody talks about you".

This was the reality check that the Masked Singer judge needed in order to turn her life around.

The starlet continued: "That was like a dagger, I thought, 'Oh my god, I am the topic of discussion at dinner parties.'"

Without realising it, until her friend had highlighted the issue, Davina's drug taking was snowballing out of control.

She admitted: "Up until that point, I was like, 'I'm not an addict.

"'I can just give up one drug, heroin, and keep taking the others.' But I took one line of coke and I was up for 24 hours.

"And then I started crying and I don't think I stopped for two weeks, the surrender."

During her teens Davina felt abandoned by her late mum Florence and while she doesn't feel like a "victim" she did abuse drugs to stem the pain and "fill the hole" of being raised by her grandmother after her family had broken up.

The former Channel 4 host added: "I do not see myself as a victim in any way.

"It's a fact that when I was nearly four, my mum took me to my granny's house and said 'I'm going on holiday for two weeks' and she never came back. I then ended up feeling like a guest at my granny's, but it was all organised.

"We kind of know now that we need to process it. I felt abandoned. I was still going to visit my mum over the holidays but I didn't know that [at the time].

"That might have been the core of the issue but I feel like there's an overarching reason why I used, and that is that I constantly had a hole here and it really hurt."

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