Doctor Who’s Paul McGann admits he lied to mum so he could lose virginity

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Actor Paul McGann has confessed that he fibbed to his mum he was going off hitch-hiking so that he could spend a fortnight romping with his girlfriend.

The Withnail And I and Doctor Who star admitted that he couldn’t resist the opportunity to pop his cherry with his lover while her parents were on hols.

Paul, 61, said: “There is another memory – it’s making me chicken as, I’m not sure I’ve ever told my mum and it’s a bit saucy.

“It’s from that famously hot summer of 1976. I know exactly what summer it was because it was the Montreal Olympics and I was sports mad.

“Have I… yeah, I’ve probably told my mum before. It’ll be OK. So after my exams I told my mum I was going hitchhiking down to Somerset for a couple of weeks.

“What I actually did was go straight to my new girlfriend’s house – her parents had gone to Spain for two weeks and we stayed in, on our own, the whole time.

“I was a virgin when I arrived and suffice to say, I learned more about life in those two weeks than I had in all the years before.

“I’m trying to find the words to describe that beautiful feeling I still remember, the feeling of floating on air.”

Paul is the latest celebrity to feature in the Big Issue’s Letter To My Younger Self series.

He added: “The only thing I’d say to that 16-year-old boy now is, just let your passions consume you one at a time.

“You don’t have to have the Olympics on the telly in the corner of the room the whole time.

“I’d also advise him to think ahead a bit, ‘cos when I got home I had to explain why, in the hottest summer for 200 years, my skin was sheet white.”

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