Elvis Presley’s karate antics at Graceland shared by The King’s family – WATCH

Graceland: Take a live virtual tour of Elvis' Memphis home

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Aside from his incredible music and acting in Hollywood movies, Elvis Presley had a variety of other interests and hobbies including karate. While serving in the army in West Germany from 1958-1960, The King was introduced to the martial art which he studied hard under Jürgen Seydel. Fans will know Elvis would even perform karate moves at his concerts, with his famous jumpsuits having originally been inspired by his karategi, the traditional uniform used for practising and competition.

Now Elvis’ family have shared memories of The King’s karate antics at Graceland.

Speaking on the Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel, his cousin’s son Danny remembered Elvis trying out a move on him in Graceland’s kitchen.

Just a kid at the time, he said how The King had some peanuts and was shaking them in his hands and eating him.

Danny said: “I was trying not to look at him which was just totally impossible.”

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Danny continued: “But I’d glance once in a while…I know he’d seen me. I’m sitting there trying not to look and all of a sudden…

The King’s cousin made a sound like a karate kick had just zipped right past him. Danny told Elvis: “You just scared me!”

He looked up and saw the star just a had a big grin on his face and said: “You thought I got you didn’t you?”

The Memphis Mafia Kid said it was a memory he’ll never forget and added: “He knew what he was doing I guess!”


Danny’s father Billy (Elvis’ first cousin who grew up with The King) learned karate alongside him.

He said: “I remember when he first started. [He’d] come back out of the army and he used to love to show people the new art he’d learned.”

Elvis would demonstrate his karate moves on Memphis Mafia members like Red and Sonny West and later on his stepbrother David Stanley.

Billy shared how one time people were watching him opposite a very tall and well-built man and how The King caught him totally by surprise with a kick to the stomach.

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Billy said: “Every time Elvis would show a move like a kick and all that like to the knee or something, [the man] would say, ‘Yeah, but what if?’

The King wondered “What if what exactly?”, so his opponent in the demonstration would then say, “What if I did this move?”

Elvis would then counter the move as they walked through what each of them would do next, going back and forth for 10 minutes.

But then Billy said how it got to the point where Elvis surprised him by kicking him in the stomach.

The well-built man then hit Elvis back and said, “I know what if now!”

Laughing, Billy said: “Boy, he’d just had enough and I mean he just planted one on him!

“Almost knocked the breath out of him but he didn’t kick as hard as he could.

“He kicked him enough that he went back, but he didn’t have any more ‘what ifs’ on him!”

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