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The characters from The Office made audiences laugh for nine seasons and sometimes cry a little, too as fans came to love the characters. This show served as a jumping-off point for the careers of many of the cast, and some of these actors have gone on to have a lot of other success. While others might not be as much in the public eye, most of the main cast has gone on to do pretty well for themselves.

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We’ve put together a list of the main actors from The Office and how much they are worth today.

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Mindy Kaling was a double threat on the show, as she was both an actress and a writer. She is worth about $24 million, which makes her the actor from the show with the highest net worth after John Krasinski and Steve Carell.

She has been in many other television series and films, including The Mindy Project as well as her upcoming movie Late Night. Her career definitely has been going strong since the show ended.


B.J. Novak is another actor who was involved behind the scenes of The Office while also being a main actor on the show. While Ryan Howard might not have been a character who could ever get his life together, Novak definitely has. Other than The Office, he has also appeared in many other films such as Knocked Up.

Plus, he is a well-known comedian as well as writer. While he might not have a lot of big acting roles under his belt right now, he’s had a very successful career exploring other avenues of the entertainment industry.


Ed Helms is another actor from the show who started his career in the stand-up comedy world. He first started to get well-known as a correspondent on The Daily Show, and then got even more famous when he starred as Andy.

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Since The Office ended, he’s been known for starring in The Hangover. He’s also done a good amount of voice acting. Overall, he’s done well for himself and his net worth is nothing to scoff off. Andy from the show would definitely be impressed.


Phyllis Vance might be a somewhat unassuming character on the show, but the actress who plays her has definitely been successful. Soon after the series ended, she was the voice actress for Sadness in the film Inside Out.

Other than that, she’s also been a series mainstay on the Netflix series The OA. Phyllis Smith is definitely an actress whose time on The Office gave her long-term success and allowed her to continue on to take more roles.


Brian Baumgartner plated food-loving, not-so-smart accountant Kevin Malone. It’s also interesting to note that he is one of the employees whose character wasn’t given his actual name.

While Kevin wasn’t the smartest character on the show, Baumgartner has a lot of acting experience in theater. Other than The Office, he’s also been in series such as Arrested Development. Plus, he’s had small roles in some movies like Four Christmases and Ordinary World.


Angela Kinsey is another actress who gave her first name to her character on the show. Along with many other actors on the show, she won an award for her role as Angela Martin.

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Other than The Office, Kinsey has been on television series such as Haters Back Off. She was also in the 2007 movie License to Wed. Many of her other roles have been supporting ones, and her time as Angela Martin is definitely her most well-known character.


Rainn Wilson is one of the four characters on The Office who can be considered a main character. His net worth is at $14 million, and he is an actor who really became known because of playing the ionic character of Dwight Schrute.

Other than The Office, he’s also been in movies like Almost Famous. Plus, he also writes, produces, and directs. Another interesting fact is that he made around $20,000 per episode when the show first started and then around $100,000 per episode as the show got more popular.


Jenna Fischer played Pam on the show, and she’s also one of the main characters. While she might not have been as outright funny or ridiculous, Pam was a character that helped hold everything together.

Fischer has also been in other television shows like That 70’s Show, and she has been in many movies including Blades of Glory and Hall Pass. She was also one of the top-billed actors in the series alongside Krasinski, Wilson, and Carell.


Krasinski is one of the actors who has gone on to have the most success in the industry and financially after the show ended. He played Jim on The Office and everyone grew to love him in that role.

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Since then, he’s starred in films like The Quiet Place and also the television series Jack Ryan. He’s also married to actress Emily Blunt, which keeps him in the public eye. He is also a director, as he both directed and acted in The Quiet Place.


The Office would never have been the same or likely have been the success it was without the amazing comedic acting of Steve Carell. He has the highest net worth of any of the main actors from the show.

Besides The Office, he’s also starred in many popular films including The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Little Miss Sunshine. He’s had a successful career as both an actor and a writer and director. While Carell was around before the show, The Office definitely brought him superstardom in that he is now a household name.

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