Former Triple M radio host Steve Bedwell confirms he has early onset dementia

Radio star Steve Bedwell has revealed to fans that he is currently suffering with early onset dementia.

The former top-rating FM host who is best known to fans for presenting Triple M radio, disclosed the details of his health condition on Facebook, according to reports by The Herald Sun.

Taking to the social media platform, Steve penned: "I can no longer read my own handwriting, and I can't remember conversations or events, even day-to-day."

He continued: "Twice, I have been out at night, and found myself parking outside a house I haven't lived in for five years.

"I have been given 10 years before Alzheimer's kicks in."

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The radio broadcaster also told The Herald Sun that he will be focusing on spending more time with his two young daughters, who have helped to keep him strong.

Talking about his children, the star explained: "I had always wanted to see at least one of them get married. That's what I fight for. They're driving me to never give up."

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A few years prior, the writer, comedian and radio personality revealed to fans that he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2007.

He also expressed that his condition made it a lot more complex for him to work in the industry over the years.

Steve spoke openly about his health on Sacked: Showbiz podcast in 2020 and said: "If I did not go to work for six months because I had a badly broken hip people would welcome you back with open arms (because) it is just a broken hip.

"If you have a broken brain they don't want to know about you, because it is too hard for people to fathom, they don't want to have to face it, it is difficult to discuss and redemption is a very difficult thing."

Steve has worked in the entertainment industry for a number of years and is best known to fans for co-hosting Triple M's Timbo and Bedders breakfast programme with Tim Smith between 1998 and 2001.

As well as presenting, the talented star also wrote television shows such as The Footy Show and The Eric Bana Show.

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