Gemma Collins talks baby plans as she ditches ‘GC image’ ahead of turning 40

Gemma Collins has revealed that she wants to ditch her GC image ahead of her 40th birthday later this month.

The TOWIE icon has entered the new year with big plans and the first on her agenda is to become Gemma Collins again, not the GC.

Speaking on her BBC podcast on Wednesday, she said: "I just feel that this year could be the making of me, so 2021 is going to be all about Gemma Collins, not the GC.

"I feel so positive about it – in your 20s you are still learning about life, in your 30s you’re perfecting your craft, and in your 40s, you mean business.

"2020 was such a crazy year, but this year I’m turning 40 which is going to be a massive milestone for me.

"I was a little bit nervous about turning 40, I thought 'Oh my God, I’m going to need counselling…how can I to tell people I’m 40 years old?'

She added: "But, actually, I was so happy that Kim K turned 40 last year, and when I look at the likes of J-Lo, Madonna, Mariah, I’m like 'it’s totally acceptable to be 40 years old'."

Gemma went on to share her dreams for 2021 including baby plans and marriage.

"How will I feel about 2021 this time next year? Well, I hope I’m married, I hope I have a baby this year – I feel that it’s going to happen for me," the self-proclaimed diva explained.

She added: "My main focus this year will be to really be comfortable being Gemma Collins, and definitely committing and giving quality time to a relationship and hopefully I’m going to have a baby.

"I don’t know why, but I feel that I am."

She went on to tell listeners that she's "manifesting" her plans, a guide in which you make your ideas clear to yourself, and then ‘ask the universe’ for help in achieving your goals’.

The former I'm A Celebrity star added: "When I set out my goals – I think about lots of things, but firstly I’m like 'How am I going to manifest these babies up?'

"I do believe in manifesting with the universe, so firstly I’m manifesting internal happiness, health, love and career.

"I feel so refreshed it is 2021 and anything can happen. I’m ready to bring anything on that the New Year throws at me.

“I’m determined not to get sidetracked this year – I always start the year with good intentions, that I’m not going to eat bread and I’m not going to eat cakes.

"I’m not convinced I will succeed, but I do think I’ll do it in moderation – I think this year, it’s all about moderation."

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