Gino D’Acampo claims he’s got a bigger penis than Gordon Ramsay after pair strip

Gino D’Acampo has told how he compared penis sizes with Gordon Ramsay after they got starkers during frequent trips around Europe for a telly show.

In an interview the celebrity chef, 44, claimed the pair stripped off and compared their schlongs – though it turns out there was more funny business too.

It comes after he previously claimed Gordon would frequently wake him up when they were off travelling around Europe with their TV show by slapping his penis on his foot

Gino told The Sun on Sunday: “I’ve seen him naked many times and his manhood is very well balanced to the stature of his physique.”

“Gordon is proud of showing his body off, not so much for television, but he’s always pointing out how fit he is.”

But the star declared he had a larger member than Gordon, saying: “I don’t know if he’s well endowed compared to me.”

The pair famously got starkers on cooking show, Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip – filmed alongside First Dates maître d’ Fred Sirieix.

He claimed: "We used to get naked in the caravan and Gordon had this thing in the morning to wake me up – seriously, he actually admitted this – he used to wake me up, he used to bash his willy on my foot.

"Every morning it was like, 'Wakey wakey!' I was like, 'Are you for real?'"

In 2016 a jellyfish attacked Gordon's manhood while he was bathing in the Med and was left with a nasty scar.

Gordon was on holiday in Sardinia with his family when the drama unfolded.

He was relaxing in the sea when his willy nightmare began.

The dad, famed for his potty mouth, said: "F***ing hell it hurt. I couldn't even wee on it.

"It left a real mark down there."

In March 2018, Gordon wolfed down a hot sauce-covered bull’s penis in a revolting game of Truth or Eat, on James Corden’s The Late, Late Show in the US.

He was asked by Corden which celebrity he wouldn’t want back to one of his restaurants but he decided he couldn't answer so was forced to take a mouthful of the penis.

But he immediately spat it out as his face became red from the heat of the sauce.

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